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Versi Beta: update Alt-PHP ionCube Loader

Published on January 13, 2017, by in Download.

Versi baru dariĀ Alt-PHP ionCube Loader sudah ada bisa langsung indtalasi melalui repository.

Perubahan :

alt-php44-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6)
alt-php51-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)
alt-php52-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)
alt-php53-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)
alt-php54-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)
alt-php55-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)
alt-php56-ioncube-loader (Cloud Linux 5/6/7)

  • ionCube Loader updated to version 4.7.5;
  • fixed loader crash on PHP 5.5 and PHP 5.6 if a call to eval() contained invalid code;
  • fixed Serializable interface class implementation for the __sleep and __wakueup functions.

Untuk installasi :

yum groupinstall alt-php –enablerepo=cloudlinux-updates-testing

semoga bermanfaat.

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